Welcome to Novelnaut.

My name is Shane Ede.  I am an aspiring writer, and this is my writers blog.

Here, I write about the writing process, review books that I’ve read, and discuss just about anything else that tickles my writers bones.  I am still learning the ropes.  I’ve been a writer for many years, but never as actively as I am now.  I’ve been writing for blogs since August of 2005 and like to dabble in the other arts of the internet.  My intention is to become something like an astronaut of books.  Thus the name, Novelnaut.

Come and join me in my exploration of the world of the written word.  We can be Novelnauts together.

Disclosure: I aspire to keep this site as ad free as possible.  I do this for the passion.  I do, however, make use of the amazon associate program and most (if not all) links to amazon are likely to be associate links and I will likely be paid a small amount of your purchase as an associate.  If you would like to support this site and my work, please use those links to make your next purchase at amazon.  Or, if you like, I’ve posted my wish list on the left hand side of the site where you can click through to buy me something from my wishlist.