5 Minutes Alone

Writing is as much a habit as it is anything else.  You’ve got to sit down at your computer, or with your pad and pen, and write if you want to get any writing done.  Don’t do that, and you’ll end up with nothing completed, and most of your best ideas forgotten into the ether.  But, if you’ve ever participated in something like NaNoWriMo, where you have to consistently sit down and write for an hour or more a day, you know that it can also be a chore to sit that long and churn out text.

The majority of that feeling is coming from the fact that you don’t normally do it.  Then you decide to torture yourself a little and do it for 30 days straight.  Ouch, right?  Well, there’s a fix to that.  You have to develop the habit of writing.  I’m as guilty of not doing this as anyone else out there.  Sitting down for an hour or two at a time is just hard to do.  Especially when you have to carve that time out of some other activity that you’ve been doing for some time.  That other activity is a stronger habit, and is easier to do, so it wins.

Here’s how I think you can break that problem’s back.  5 minutes alone.  We can all carve 5 minutes out of our schedule.  Find 5 minutes, and do nothing but write for those 5 minutes.  You can do more, if you find yourself so inclined, but you must do 5 minutes.  Do that for a month, maybe two.  You’ll find that, by the end, those 5 minutes are pretty easy to come by.  And you’ll also find that you’ve got a heck of a lot of text to work with as a result.

Each month, increase the required time by 5 minutes.  By the end of a year, you’ll be doing an hour straight.  Probably more.  In short, you’ll have developed a habit.

p.s. extra bonus points for naming the band who’s song title I borrowed for this post.

p.p.s. bonus points are worth nothing.

p.p.s. Just in case you can’t figure it out: here

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