By: Kelly McCullough

Cybermancy is the second book in the Ravirn series.  It continues the adventures of Ravirn, a descendant of the fates as he inadvertantly gets himself in the middle of more trouble.  This time he’s gotten Hades himself mad and managed to release a nasty virus into the mweb.

These novels are what I would call “brain candy”.  You don’t have to think very hard to keep track of the plot or the characters.  It’s an easy, entertaining read.  The writing is easy.  And it’s especially good if you have a little bit of knowledge about the inner workings of computers and their networks.  The characters are well written, but not especially deep.  That’s ok though, as this isn’t a series that I expect deep characters from.  I found McCullough’s usage of the greek gods fun, and the little twists that he threw in to bring them up to the computer age is excellent.  And the goblin familiars play excellent sidekicks.   It was very easy to give myself over to the story and drift through the many instances with Ravirn as he explored the changes to the mweb and himself.

If you’re looking for a quick, enjoyable read; pick up Webmage (the first in the series) and get started.

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