Fun, Quick Contest

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend 100 words, Janet Reid has a fun weekly contest going on.  You can enter for about another 30 hours or so, so hurry up. She explains it better than I do, so you should go over and read the instructions.

Here’s my entry:

My name is Simpson.  Some would call me the leader of the Bacon Resistance.  I’m not sure why the name stuck, but it did.  It’s all Fenske’s fault.  We were supposed to have a one-on-one at IHOP, but he had to go and invite Reed as well.  I’ve never liked Reed.  He’s got that squinty pinched face look and always wears glasses that don’t fit well.  It would fit if he could be classified as a geek or nerd, but he’s a damn auto mechanic.  It was the breakfast that started it all.  And I ordered bacon.

The difficult part is in the word count limit.  How do you properly tell a story in 100 words?  There are some wonderful entries there as well, so make sure you read them as well!

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