Goblin Hero

Goblin Hero

By: Jim C. Hines

The continuing adventures of Jig.  Now dubbed Jig the Dragonslayer after his adventures in Goblin Quest, Jig even has a song in his name.  Despite that, he still hasn’t overcome the title of runt.  Hines has done something interesting in this book.  In Goblin Quest, we met Jig and throughout the book, we really got a feel for what it meant to be Jig the Goblin.  The constant fear of his peers, the cowardice of the Goblins, and how Jig was just a bit different from the others.  In Hero, Hines leaves the bulk of that behind and heads off in a different direction.  And, I think, if he hadn’t, this book would have been a far lesser book for it.

In Hero, we’re immediately thrown into Jigs life post adventure.  He’s still just as looked down upon.  He’s still the runt.  But, he’s got his new god, Shadowstars healing ability to keep him alive.  Jig is once again thrown into an adventure when an Ogre comes busting into the Goblin lair demanding to see Jig the Dragonslayer.  Despite his best efforts to get out of going, Jig sets off with the Ogre down into the depths of Straums lair.

I felt like I got to know Jig a lot more in this book.  Maybe that’s because, after the first book, all the wider picture stuff was out of the way and we could get in for a more character expanding look.  Another nice thing that I noticed is that Hines doesn’t weigh the book down with all of the details of what has happened since the first book ended.  He dribbles a bit here and there, but leaves the rest out, and, in doing so, leaves a great deal of it to our imaginations.

Goblin Hero is a good book.  It’s fun, and well written.  It’s not a literary masterpiece, but if you picked up a book about a run Goblin expecting that it would be, you need to have your head examined.  What it is, though, is a quick read that comes across light and entertaining.  What more can you ask for?  I don’t think you’d need to read the first book to catch up in this one.  But, I’ve always thought that if you’re going to read a book in a series, you might as well start at the start.

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