Goblin War

Goblin War

By: Jim C. Hines

Goblin War is the final chapter in the Jig the Dragonslayer trilogy.  It’s an interesting end to his story, too.  Not quite what I expected, but not terrible either.  Without giving too much of it away, the ending just didn’t feel very “goblin”-like to me.  Throughout the trilogy, we’ve gotten this view of goblins as being cowardly and mostly stupid.  Jig, of course, has always been a bit different from the rest, so that helps make the ending more palatable.  The little excerpts from a previous time with Shadowstar also help in the explanation, but could have maybe been done more with.

Reading all of that over, it makes it sound like it’s a terrible ending.  It’s not.  Just not exactly what I expected.  That’s probably a good thing.  It means that Hines did a great job in keeping the plot lines turning and away from giving the ending away.

Once again, Hines’ writing is good.  He keeps very true to the characters, and they remained uniform throughout the novel and the series.  (at least, those that were in the entire series)  Much like each of the other books in the series, he introduces some new characters that are just as well written.  My favorite of the new ones was Gratz.  He’s a goblin, like Jig, but where Jig is the weakling that always seems to get it right, Gratz is the average goblin with a penchant for regulation and order.  He added a lot of light comedy to the story, and was a solid plot device in several places.

Overall, Goblin War is a fitting end to Jig’s story.  If you’ve read the first two, you need to read this one and get some closure. 😉  If you haven’t read the first two, go pick up Goblin Quest and get started.

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