Good Interview with Patrick Rothfuss

The guys over at Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing posted a really good interview with Name of the Wind author Patrick Rothfuss a few days back.  I just got around to finding the time to listen to it.

AISFP interview with Patrick Rothfuss

I’ve never heard Rothfuss speak before, and I have to admit that his voice is completely different from that which I had given him in my mind.  In my mind, he spoke with a deep, well of a voice like that of Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies.  But, really, he sounds like a pretty normal guy.  Despite his appearance. 😉

I’m dead-smack in the middle of reading his latest novel, The Wise Mans Fear, so it was nice to also not have any spoilers in the interview.

Go, listen.  But, be warned, it’s a little over an hour long.  Good for commuting.


  1. Thanks very much, Shane!

    The interview was a lot of fun for me. Talking to Pat really inspired me with my own writing, too.

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