Hal Junior: The Secret Signal

Hal Junior: The Secret Signal

By: Simon Haynes

Hal Junior: The Secret Signal is the newest book by the author of the Hal Spacejock series of comedic science fiction novels.  It’s aimed at school age children as an introduction to the Spacejock world and is the first of many in a planned series.  Disclaimer: I was given a pre-release copy of the kindle book for reviewing purposes.

I’ve been following along as Simon Haynes wrote the book, and jumped at the opportunity to give it a read and review.  It’s a pleasant book, that reminds me a bit of some of the early books that I read in grade school.  The main character, Hal Junior, really, really wants to be a space hero like his hero Hal Spacejock.  The problem is that he’s always getting himself into a bit of trouble.  When the space station that he lives on with his parents is subject to a hijacking of sorts, and he’s challenged to be the one to save the station.

The book is a pleasant book, that will appeal to many younger school age kids.  Despite the differences in surroundings, I think they will be able to associate with Hal Junior and will be itching to have their own space suit.  I think that often times, this particular age group gets a bit ignored in favor of the middle school and high school YA group that has a bit more disposable income at the ready for movies and such, but the younger kids need heroes too!

The Secret Signal is a very promising start to a series that will give them the heroes they need, and a tickle to their imaginations as well.

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