Philosophical Hall at Strahov Monastery

I like libraries.  Especially the really old libraries with the ornate woodwork, the old comfy chairs, and, especially, the old books.  They don’t build libraries like that anymore.  Now, they’re modern looking shells of steel and glass with gargantuan shelves and little elevators that bring you up to the level you need to get the book you are looking for.

Strahov Monastery (Strahovsky klaster)The Philosophical Hall of Strahov Monastery Library is an 18th century library.  With it’s original books…


While there are parts of the library that are open to the public, the Philosophical hall is not. A photographer by the name of Jeffrey Martin has gone and taken a full 360 degree panorama of the hall. There’s an article on the process up at Wired Underwire, or you can go directly to the image on 360 cities. If you zoom in, you can see most of the titles on the books. Most are in a language I don’t read, so couldn’t tell you what they actually say. Still fun to look at though!

Photo Credit:Tjflex2, on Flickr


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