Rage Against the Meshugenah

Rage Against the Meshugenah

By Danny Evans

Depression is a scary thing.  Even scarier is the social stigmas that are given to those who suffer from it.  As a man with depression, Danny Evans fought both the disease and the social stigmas that say that men should just “man up and get over it”.  Rage Against the Meshugenah is the story of how he overcame the disease and brought it under control and how it directly affected his life.

If you read Danny’s blog, Dad Gone Mad, you’ll immediately notice that the writing style and voice doesn’t change here.  It’s still direct and humorous while still giving full weight to the seriousness of the subject.  The story takes us from the very beginnings of the depression to the point where it’s controlled.  Danny leads us on a journey into what he was thinking and the major milestones (and setbacks) in his recovery.  Interspersed within the talk of depression are some real life lessons that Danny discovered along the way.

If you’re expecting some clinical look into depression, this isn’t your book.  The title and cover should have given that away, I would have thought.  But, if you’re looking for a book that tells a human story about depression, you should pick this book up.  I don’t believe that I’m depressed and I still got plenty out of it, so I can only imagine the value it could give if you think (or know) that you’re depressed.

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