Shadow’s Edge

Shadow’s Edge (Night Angel Trilogy Book 2)

By: Brent Weeks

Shadow’s Edge is a the second novel in the Night Angel Trilogy.  According to the Amazon listings for the first book, this book is about 30 pages shorter.  For me, it read as a much longer book.  There were several threads that the reader is asked to jump around to and it sometimes left the overall plot/arc a bit muddled.  The first book could have been left as a standalone if necessary.  It would have had a pretty dismal ending, but most of the plot lines were finished.  This second book would need a little help to do so.  It depends heavily on the first novel (which is fine in a series) for much of the background.  Because of that, I think it would be a bit hard for anyone to pick up and read as a stand alone novel and still “get” most of the plots.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing considering that it’s the second book in a trilogy.

Once again, Weeks’ writing is very good.  There were a couple of places where it felt somewhat awkward, but they were few and easily overlooked.  The characters are believable and their interactions feel right.  The world that Weeks has created in these books is expansive. Truly, there is so much more of it to explore, it wouldn’t surprise (or disappoint)  me if he heads back there for more novels.  Throughout, he’s given us great details about the different cultures and peoples of the land without overburdening us with so much detail that isn’t important.  It makes it easier to read, and much easier to get into.

As I said, the book read longer than the first.  Perhaps that is because there was less character building and more plot building?  I’m not sure why.  I will certainly find the third book and read it to finish the trilogy and to delve into the world that Weeks has created for us.

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