The God Engines

The God Engines

By: John Scalzi

This is a very action/event driven book.  There’s very little of the thoughts of the characters being brought into play.  That lends itself to the short (novella) length, but takes away from the overall story.  Without giving any spoilers, the ending is a bit dismal, and I would have liked to have had the insight of the protagonists thoughts on the happenings.

It’s a very quick read.  The copy that I have is a first from Subterranean Press, which is a small custom press up in Michigan.  Unfortunately, the proofreading was a bit lacking in the development process.  There were a handful of grammatical errors throughout.  They didn’t take away from the story any, but were enough to make me pause while reading to make sure I figured out what was really said/meant.

The basic plot, spaceships that have captive gods for engines, is an interesting one.  I couldn’t help but think that the story was a bit of a narrative on religion by Scalzi.  I found the play between the characters to be well done, but I knew it would be as it always has been in everything that I’ve read by Scalzi.

Overall, the length of the book was a bit disappointing, but who am I to question the authors decision there.  If anything that just means that it was good enough that I wanted more.  An interesting concept, well written.  If you can get your hands on a copy, it’s worth the read.

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