The Hearst Private Library

I’m a big fan of libraries.  Dens.  Nooks.  Wherever you can store books, mostly.  Big private library/study room are almost entirely a thing of the past now.  Very few newer homes have one.

So, I found it a little hard to not share this picture of the Hearst library at Hearst Castle.  It is/was  a private library. They’ve done some work to the Castle and made it into a tourist/historic landmark of some sort, so I don’t know if you can access the library or not.  In any case, here it is as taken by Trey Ratcliff of (which is an excellent photo blog if you like that sort of thing.)  Click on the image to see it bigger at flickr.  If you’re interested in Trey’s methods (HDR photography), he’s got a book out as well.   Check out A World in HDR.

Hearst Library

Yummy library.

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