The King of the Crags

The King of the Crags: The Memory of Flames, Book II

By: Stephen Deas

When I read the first book in the Memory of Flames series, The Adamantine Palace, I gushed about how it was probably the beginning of one of the best fantasy dragon series’ ever.  Having read the second book, I was a little disappointed.  It might still end up being on that list, but the dragons certainly played a far smaller role in The King of the Crags.  In fact, aside from being present as mounts for the characters of the book, there’s really not a whole lot in here of the dragons we saw in the first book.  One pretty short section, and done.  If I have my guess right, though, I’d say that section is setting us up for some pretty spectacular dragon-ing in what remains of the series.

Once again, like in Adamantine, Deas writing is good.  The characters are a bit overdone, but in a epic fantasy series like this, I think that’s on purpose.  We spend a lot of time floating around between several of the main characters as the realms are thrown into a war that hasn’t been seen since the Dragon War.  The amount of world building that Deas manages to write into the story without it ending up being boring is really good.  My biggest beef with it is that the map in the front of the book is sideways.  North is left, not up.  It wouldn’t have fit as well, maybe, but North is supposed to be up.

Having read the first book way back in the summer of 2010, I did have a bit of trouble at the beginning of Crags.  Mostly that was me having to catch up to the characters and remember what was going on.  If I had to read these as they were released, I would have had the same issues.  I would have likely benefited from a little bit better job of “reminding” the reader what had gone on.  Once I got my bearings again, it was off to the races.  The book is a good read, and ample reason for me to go looking for the next book in the series.

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