The Last Colony

The Last Colony (Old Man’s War, Book 3)

By: John Scalzi

In many cases, a series of books is great up until you get to the last book whereupon it falls flat on it’s face as the author struggles to find a way to end it properly.  Luckily, Scalzi didn’t have this problem with this book.  The Last Colony finds a fitting ending to the Old Man’s War trilogy, tying up all of the characters and story lines in a tidy manner.

Like every other Scalzi book that I’ve read, this one was easy to read and flowed along naturally.  The characters that we grew to know in the first two books matured further within the covers and the universe expanded well.  As the title gives away, John and Jane, along with their adopted daughter, Zoe, find themselves as part of the establishment of a new colony.  The last human colony as it turns out.  At least in this story line.  Of course, much like everything else the CU does in each of these books, nothing is as it seems.  Quickly, the heat is turned up and we see John and Jane back in action again.

Scalzi leads us through some interesting reveals and plot twists throughout.  There were one or two that were a bit self-evident, but easily forgiven as the foreshadowing was done skillfully.

Overall, a good finish to the storyline.  I look forward to reading Zoe’s Tale, the fourth book in the series.  It takes place, roughly, in the same time-line as The Last Colony, but ends before The Last Colony does.  If you haven’t read any of this series, and are a fan of SF, you really need to get Old Man’s War and read them.  There’s a reason that Scalzi has the names Hugo and Campbell next to his name in most cases.

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